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October 07, 2019 2 min read

Colour brings the visual senses to life, provoking memories, emotions, and even thoughts of people and places. That’s why colourful gifts can be so special and meaningful, but how do you know what colours to choose? If you’re asking that question, it might be worth looking into recent colour trends.

Get Inspiration from The Colour of the Year

Every year, design leaders assign a “colour of the year” that always proves especially vibrant and popular through every season. In 2019, for example, that colour is living coral--a lively orange that could call to mind visions of the tropics, the beaches, and mesmerizing sea-life.

In 2018, the colour of the year was ultraviolet, a mysterious and mystical purple that evoked thoughts of magical concepts along with the curiousness of space, the wonders of the night sky, and an overall sense of originality and ingenuity.

If you are looking for a special colour to celebrate the birth of a child, you might just consider picking the colour of the year from their time of birth to help commemorate their arrival. But, that’s only one idea!

The Latest Colour Trends

Right now, there are a range of colour trends that will fit any special occasion. From subdued, calm whites to vibrant, fiery reds, you can look to these other colour trends for inspiration in bringing anything to life.

  • Bold, Risky Reds: Fire engine red is often associated with love, energy, and strength. Using a lot of it in a design will certainly bring attention to it.
  • Clean White Neutrals: White is innocent, clean, calming, and brings to mind peace and serenity. It’s associated with honesty and neutrality, and when done correctly, it can bring an airy wonder to your project. White marble is one trend that comes to mind in this colour scheme and it’s everywhere right now!
  • Earthy Tones: Natural wood is appearing everywhere again, and that’s because modern styles have brought earth tones back to life. Think deep, natural greens along with dusty browns, tans, and other colours found in nature. The result can be lively yet blissful.

Now you know what colours are in, so how do you want to use them in your project? Plenty of new trends have popped up to bring any colours you choose to life.

Bold contrasts top the list. Think about a bright, banana yellow against electric blue. Or a sharp green against a deep red. If you’re using multiple colours in your project, consider a big contrast over complementary options for on-trend style.

Another colour trend to consider is using a lot of colours to bring a piece to life, but just as we like contrasting colours, the year has also brought contrasting trends. That is, other designers are all about the saying “less is more” right now with monochromatic colour palettes.

Regardless of what trend you choose to follow (or not), you can’t go wrong as long as you choose a colour with love.

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