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October 23, 2019 3 min read


First time parents undoubtedly have a list of needed and wanted items compiled as they prepare for that new bundle of joy and new chapter in their life. The excitement of planning for and awaiting the arrival of a newborn is phenomenal. And you can make the preparation and anticipation even better when you find that special gift for the new or soon-to-be parents. What could be a more fun way to participate?


Knowing What to Buy for a Newborn Baby

From the moment a baby is born, new milestones will be experienced each and every day. That tiny fragile miracle newborn will quickly transform into a little person full of personality and unique character traits and in the blink of an eye those first steps are taken.

Knowing that the first few months and even the first year will fly by, it can be difficult to decide what type of gift to buy to celebrate the initial arrival.

Do you opt for something practical that can be used everyday? Should you give a silly gift that will spark laughter from the parents? Or do you choose a traditional item like a baby book, cozy, soft blanket, or a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come? Here are some ideas.

Best Practical Gifts

Whether you’re searching for a baby shower gift to help the expectant mom prepare the nursery or want to find an item that will be useful in the coming weeks or months after baby is welcomed into the world; practical gifts can be some of the greatest ever.

Check out the suggestions below that are sure to be extremely appreciated and beneficial. 

  • Newborn Gift Set: A gift basket or diaper bag full of practical items including quality skincare products, baby washcloths, various size diapers, onesies, and cozy socks will equip new parents with everything needed to prepare baby for bed. Even the practical items come in a wide selection of colours, styles, and sizes, making it fun for you to pick out.
  • Teethers and Toys: First time parents may not realize how quickly time flies and before they’ve had time to prepare that first tooth is coming in. Teethers and textured toys that help soothe a baby’s gums will earn you bonus points when teething time happens! 

Best Personalized and Commemorative Gifts

Undoubtedly, new parents would welcome any of these items, as they become acclimated to the sleepless nights and perpetual feedings and diaper changes.

The chaos that first-time parents experience during their baby’s first year quite often results in the missed opportunity to note the countless special moments that happened. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of gift suggestions that will help mom and dad embrace those times.

  • Photo frame with inkpad or clay kit: As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and imprints of baby’s hands and/or feet can be preserved for a lifetime with the ink or clay.
  • Milestone chalkboard: Many parents find it easy to take plenty of photos thinking they’ll remember the baby’s age, but don’t. During the first twelve months, a baby changes rapidly and will experience multiple firsts. Fortunately the milestone chalkboards have fill in the blanks to label everything from age, height and weight, to the favourite food, toy, and song.
  • Personalized snuggle item: Children can never have too many soft, snuggle blankets or stuffed animals. These cuddly items provide warmth as well as comfort. At BitsyBon, we will personalize a blanket or Christmas stocking, with the child’s name. For a gift that will commemorate that special day of delivery, consider our signature item Bitsies – stuffed animals that have the birth details embroidered on the belly. 

We hope our suggestions have inspired you with what to give those lucky soon-to-be parents. With this list of the hottest baby gifts available, you will be recognized as one of the best gift givers ever and you might even earn yourself the honorary title of “uncle” or “aunty” in the process!

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