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March 25, 2021 5 min read

What will be more treasurable than a newborn baby sleeping in soft, warm custom printed blankets for a newborn baby? Baby blankets are essential for the newborn baby in your life. They will give a comfortable, warm and familiar feeling. If at least one of these required elements becomes your child's favorite security item, don't be surprised. You'll likely have your own personal favorites, too. There are several types of bedding products like Custom stuffed animals for newborns or Custom made blankets for babies in the market for newborns.

Custom printed blanket is best for a newborn baby

We wouldn't say that baby custom made blankets or custom stuffed animals for babies are "adorable," exactly, but they are adorable, and they will fit nicely. Besides being a memento of a significant period in their lives, they're also helpful for drawing pictures. Custom printed baby blankets can be used for swaddling and belly time and for picking up dirt. After your babies outgrow them, you can keep them warm and soft and pick up toys like custom stuffed animals off the floor. Even with so many options and techniques available, the choice can be overwhelming.

Tips for choosing blankets for new born

We're giving tips for choosing the best custom made blankets for babiesas well as a few options to help guide you in your selection. Our primary focus is to select custom-made blankets or stuffed animals on the following features: weight, fabric type, size, and fashion.

How to select Blanket Size

A baby blanket should be big enough to keep them warm but not so big that they feel smothered. A blanket should be 45" x 60" long and wide. This is a highly versatile cover: it can be used as bedding, floor covering, or wall art for a baby's room.

  1. How to select perfect Custom made blankets for newborn babies.
  • First, you should select material that is suitable for your baby's skin. Cotton is the best choice. Cotton Custom made blanket for a babyis a good choice.
  • For your baby's safety, avoid furs with loose strings, as these can end up in the baby's nostrils or on the ground and cause a choking hazard.
  • Breathable fabrics are best avoided. Your child may be sleeping on a pillow that leads to asphyxia if she covers her head with it.
  • Even if you are buying a very thick blanket, ensure it is breathable. If the Custom printed blanket is in contact with the fan, block the vents and see if the air is flowing.
  • Satin and synthetic fabrics will not help your baby stay warm and increase the chances of getting rashes or pimples.
  • Avoid loose tassels, tassels, ribbons, and bows; babies can get caught in them.
  • Do not purchase blankets with hoods, even if you aren't making use of the hood. This could result in Asphyx if your child pulls the hood down.
  • You must make sure that you opt for correct custom-printed blankets for a newborn baby, and it will depend on your requirement. If you need to use a more oversized blanket, get one that covers the baby well and keeps her warm during the cold months.

Types of Blanket

  • Thermal Blankets:Thermal blankets are primarily lightweight. Mostly, they wash well and can be used all year long. They're great for keeping your baby toasty on those hot summer days. A variety of colors are available.
  • Swaddling Blankets: Like security blankets, swaddling-blankets help to provide comfort, quiet, and relaxation for the baby. However, it's interesting to note that some are designed to be wrapped around a baby while others are not. Some of the swaddles remain open for diaper changes while the other half is still swaddled around. A lightweight swaddle will keep the baby snug and warm while they sleep.
  • Receiving Blankets:
  • The nurses will examine, diaper, and swaddle your baby. A majority of newborns will want to be wrapped for the same reason: it provides a sense of security. Because receiving blankets are so thin, they are great for swaddling. If you don't have any receiving blankets at home, get a couple of Custom printed blankets for a newborn baby
  • Fleece Blankets:Fleece throws are starting to become more popular as baby bedding items. They are an exceptionally soft and warm material to use on their little ones to help them sleep warm themselves at night. If you have a baby that likes to be fiddle with his fat face, a soft edging of the fleece blanket will be pleasing to him. Most fleece blankets have zigzag-zag Stitching. You might see "stroller covers" while searching for blankets with the name "fleece."
  • Quilts:Bedding isn't a requirement to keep your child warm. There are plenty of beautiful baby quilts to choose from. Many of these are fashioned to match your child's overall look and theme.

Which materials make baby blankets safe?

Therefore, consider that the material in your baby blanket should be chemical-free, with a minimum risk of irritation. Babies have sensitive skin. The temperature regulation for babies – particularly infants – is not yet developed. So you want to find respiratory fabrics to promote airflow and to avoid trapping sweat or heat. Top baby fabric choices are cotton, bamboo rayon, fleece, and gauze.

Why blanket or stuffed animal for a newborn baby necessary?

When it comes to basic necessities, a baby blanket is definitely a must. Many people believe that blankets for babies are not necessary for a hot and humid climate. Swaddling is appropriate; a cotton quilt will do just fine. A baby blanket or stuffed animal can serve many functions, especially during the winter. If you expect your infant to spend most of her time sleeping, invest in a quality blanket or Custom stuffed animals for newborn by giving warmth, a comfort zone, and a sense of security.

How many baby blankets do you need?

Parents find that they regularly use at least 8-10 baby blankets.

  • 1-2 swaddle blankets 
  • 1-2 warm blankets
  • 2 thick blankets for tummy time
  • 1-2 while diapers
  • 1-2 blankets for arm support while feeding
  • A unique Custom printed blankets for a newborn baby for a photo shoot.

Nowadays there are several types of bedding products like Custom stuffed animals for newborns or Custom-made blankets for babies in the market for newborns. Selecting a best quality product is tedious task, so we tried to cover all major aspects while buying best fitted blanket or custom stuffed animal that will help the newborn baby to feel warm, secure, and confident. To check more about custom printed blankets and stuffed animals visit us at: www.bitsybon.com

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