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Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver beautifully embroidered gifts and mementos that put a smile on the face of a baby or child and become their best friend for years.

Party time at the warehouse

BitsyBon was created from a dream to transform the process of creating that perfect, soft, cuddly, and personalized stuffed animal or blanket for our loved ones. We believe that every gift should be meaningful and profoundly personal. We realized that there were still a lot of gaps in providing personalized gifts and keepsakes that make perfect gifts for your kids and children.

BitsyBon is an offshoot of the brand, Hibou T’Choux, and offers a refreshed and contemporary outlook to the making of kids’ stuffed animals and blankets.

Sondra founded the brand Hibou T’Choux in 2012 with a big dream to offer personalized children’s gifts, unlike the gifts found in retail stores. For the next several years, she delivered exceptional baby and children gifts and achieved remarkable success. Hibou T’Choux won the Canada-wide RBC Small Business Marketing Contest in 2014. The brand currently has over 60,000 followers on Facebook. Until recently, Sondra ran the Hibou T’Choux brand as a “one-woman operation.”

Hibou T'Choux 

In a bid to take her personalized gifts to an entirely new level, Sondra collaborated with Dan to develop the new brand, BitsyBon. It was time to transform and modernize the entire process of bringing a flawless shopping experience.

Dan & Family

We wanted to create snuggly crib companions and keepsakes that you and your kids would love, not only for the personalized messages but also for style, colour, and feel. To meet those needs and ensure that you have the most amazing personalized stuffed animals, we created BitsyBon to deliver unbeatable personalization options and prompt delivery.

BitsyBon is an online business committed to providing adorable stuffed animals and keepsakes that would make the perfect gift for any occasion. With advanced personalization tools, you can create their own custom products and see a dynamic live preview of their creations in real-time. It is a perfect new way to control how your personalized kiddies’ products look and feel. Discover a new way to control the colours, font, style, and cuddle potential of your personalized gifts. With this extraordinary tool, you can play around with colours and assorted accessories, so your gifts meet their recipient’s exact wishes.

When you create your design and place your order, there is no need to wait to approve a mock-up of your creation. Most orders will be produced and shipped to your location in 7-10 business days. Most of our items are embroidered (or printed) in Quebec, Canada. Although we only sell online, you may pickup your order at our production facility in Pierrefonds, Quebec, to avoid shipping costs. We strive to deliver exceptional personalization options, efficient customer service, and a flawless shopping experience. Embrace a fantastic way to create unique personalized gifts for your loved ones and enjoy every single moment.